Missionaries, jrADM and SrADM

Hi ladies, here is a video for how you should invoice this month. Please leave any questions you have here or tag the Bookkeeper and myself or Adina will get back to you.
This video is in the Collaboration folder because there is sensitive information in it. If you are not able to see the video, download it and you should be good. Make sure you are signed in with your ministry mail.


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Add your blog link to your main page

Ladies, if you go to the websites from your phone, it will be so much easier if you can see the blog on the home page. A link to the blog, here is a video to show you some examples.
If you as JrADM feel uncomfortable doing this, get on a zoom with Adina or Isabella and do it while they are watching to help you.


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Change the Post YOUR Praise

This week we will change the Post Your Praise over from USP Forms to WP Forms.
It will only be the SrADM doing this, but we ask that everyone come behind us and test your form for your website and make sure that it was done correctly.

SrADM, here is a video on what you need to do. Please ensure this is done for all your websites by September 1st

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WordPress Page – Build it with me

Ladies, I am excited to show you how He has led me to make some changes to our WordPress page on IOU.

Please have a look and let me know what I have not added here please.

Here is the page:


Here are some of the jump links:


Also, ladies to help me with the principles I mentioned on the page, if you know about any videos to link to help solidify the principle or the task, please do so.

If there is not a video and He leads you, please make one so we can bridge them as well.

Anything He shows you, please add it here for us.

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Partner Application Form

Hello ladies, can you please look at this Partner Commitment form, test it and give suggestions on what can be changed?


Questions to SG about on the new form:

– Will each LMF have their own? If not, on EW website.

– See how to cut it down BUT also add more PERSONAL getting to know them, their families children pictures

– What they do for a living.

– More questions like on becoming a minister?

Your feedback will be appreciated!

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Forward Gmail Offices

Good Morning ladies. It is not by accident that today’s lesson that I am teaching in IOU is the Ministry Commitment Lesson, Working Within Your Anointing.

Erin will be away this week on Honeymoon. She will be ministering, but not administering. So if you have any admin things this week and in the future, rather tag me. Erin will of course still be ministering, which is what she loves and what invigorates her. So we will still be able to look forward to new chapters and new living lessons.

From next week I will keep her updated on what is happening in the admin, but she wants to be as little involved as possible, but still be up to date. She is amazing at admin as well, but because it takes her away from ministering and she has some of us to do the admin for her, He is showing her to step back a bit.

Now, I also want to ask each of you to do the same, Ministering is what He has called most of you to do, so please make sure that you do and although we have Admin to do, I will ask Him to help me, not overwhelm with you with the admin that is there.

We have some exciting things to look forward to, which I will explain later, but our first priority is to get all our About Pages up to date so the ladies that are coming in, know who we are. More on that tomorrow, for today, I just want you to read this, talk to your Husband and ask Him, what He wants you to do today.

I want to remind you that we have many ladies gifted in Admin, so those of you that are just focused on Ministering, ask the ladies who are gifted in Admin to help you and then bless them on their invoices.

Have an amazing day ladies.

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