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So you have seen the plugin we started using here and I saw that a lot of you like it, so we will implement for all our sites. I added it to our page in IOU as a plugin we recommend:


Here is the video on how to remove Comments Like and Dislike and replace it with WP Ulike

Please be sure to have this done by the 6th of June.

3 thoughts on “WP Ulike Plugin”

  1. Getting my ErinThiele website set up, HLM to install the WP ULike but I didn’t know how to accomplish the set up that is obviously been perfected.
    So I searched IOU https://rmiou.com/wp/ but there was ONLY the video from Isabella to show how to add the widget, so then HLM here and found the one I was looking for.
    HOWEVER, to fail to add it where I looked for it would mean I neglected to care about others who followβ€”in other words, not the Bridge Builder we were called to be.
    So I not only took the time to add it to the list as the primary link and Isabella’s as the secondary, but I also took the time to share this here.
    Please tell me if this is worth my invested time. Am I the only one who is watching out for those who I hope will follow?

  2. thank you, Erin, yes. We have two pages one for WordPress which you linked in your comment and one for the plugins, but I see that both of them have plugins on them. Let me work on that today and make sure that we bridge it for the ladies that follow.


  3. Great, thanks for working on it. When I did the search, which is what I always do, it came up on the WP page but as we are paying more attention to, having it in ONE location is vital. Thanks again!

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