WPForms Journal Form – Please test

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He led me to create a Journal Form for the Abundant Life courses using WPForms. This is a very easy and user-friendly plugin and with the free version you can create a variety of forms like contact forms and journal forms. You can also create payment forms etc.

Please check it out and test it to see whether this is an option to replace the Wufoo Journal forms. After submitting, a copy is send to the user and to the office.

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11 thoughts on “WPForms Journal Form – Please test”

  1. Thank you soooo much for this Adina, l added the WP forms plug in and l can see this is a really great to replace wufoo and I’m really glad to read a copy is sent to the office and the user 🙌 I’m off to test it out for the forms needed on Hopeatlast, 👍

  2. Hello Yvonne, can I test this out for FAL maybe? Or do you want me to do something else for this project? As soon as it is approved I will make videos on how to set it up for user and office to receive the mail.

  3. Appointed time! Just this morning I left a few voice notes for Atarah and Yvonne about creating a new MEQ for Hope at Last using the WPForms—even reaching out to you Adina for help.
    Looking at your example is such a confirmation how beautifully this works.
    May I ask what happens to the forms? Do you get an email or is it attached to the user? Maybe you covered this before elsewhere, if so can you provide the link? Thank you 😊

    1. Yes this is so light and easy. I set it up that the user gets a copy of her journal (like the wufoo journals) and I get a copy in the L@L office, you can also add more email addresses should you wish to send it to more offices.

      I think this will work perfectly for MEQs and a copy can go to the user and to the H@L office and/or RRR.

      I will gladly help Atarah if she needs my assistance. The only “tricky” part was to set up the notifications, but after my Husband led me through the process, it is light and easy.

      1. That’s FANTASTIC Adina. Clearly God’s perfect plan.
        I’m assuming you have videos or will be providing them for RMIOU that Atarah can try to follow. The other option I want everyone to consider is “commissioning” the person whose mastered a task and pay them as we did before LMF.
        If we don’t possess the skills or the time or we know the other person could benefit from the funds—let it go and let someone else do the task rather than “withholding what’s justly due coming to want” —and the only way to know is to talk to your Husband about it. 💗 Don’t you LOVE how everything comes back to HIM?💞

        1. Erin no I haven’t made ITVs yet, I am waiting for the green light to know if this is a workable solution for the journals then I will replace FAL journals to test maybe, and if all is okay, I will make videos. But I do have a meeting with Atarah so if there is anything she needs guidance with, I will help her.

          1. Perfect Adina. Ultimately it will be Yvonne who will be following her Husband’s plan for how to provide the video instruction for RMIOU and the process. As you said it’s better to WAIT to be sure we are fully committed to a particular plugin and how it works within and to benefit ministries. 💗🤗

        2. Yes Erin I agree!! It’s so nice I’m happy to let go of trying to figure it all out & bless Adina instead for being our trailblazer getting these WP forms working and teaching and helping us too 👍

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