~ Yvonne in our South African Office is RMI's Ministry Director and also our Afrikaans and English
 Ministering Pastor.

~ Poppy in our Costa Rican Office is RMI's University Director.  

~ Paula in Brazil is RMI's Portuguese Branch Director and the Português Ministering Pastor.

~ Sara in RMI's Turkey Office is our Turkish Ministering Pastor. 

~ Tiara in RMI's Poland Office is our MLM Translation Director, Polish Translator, and the Polish Ministering Pastor.


~ Anastasia in Colombia is RMI's Spanish Branch Director and the Spanish Ministering Pastor.

~ Atarah in South Africa is RMI's Evangelist and 💔 Marriage Minister Coordinator.

~ Isabella in Costa Rica is our RMI's Ministry Coordinator.



~ Adina in South Africa is our RMI's Ministry Coordinator Assistant. 

~Perla in Ecuador is our Spanish Project Manager.

~ Jewel in Honduras is part of the Spanish Ministry Team

~ Marta in Brazil is our Portuguese Project Manager.

~Frida in Portugal is part of our Portuguese Team


~ Ariele in Brazil is our Portuguese Translator.

~ Elisa in Brazil is part of our Portuguese Ministry Team.

~ Maria B. Dutra in Rio Grande do Sul is part of our Portuguese Ministry Team

~ Bernie in Slovakia began with RMI as a proofreader and is NOW our Ministering Pastor for Slovak. 

~ Kristine in the Netherlands is our Dutch Translator and the Dutch Ministering Pastor.

Ailana in Peru is our Italian Translator and part of our Spanish Ministry Team.

~ Michele Evy in Florida began helping RMI's NarrowRoad publishing. 

Erin is both the founder of Restore Ministries International— and RMI's Lead Ministering Pastor.