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By now, I am sure all of you have had a look at your pages for donations.
When you go to this page:

Go to your LMF and click on "more", it should open the page with all the donation options in YOUR LMF. This may vary from one to the other as each country is different.

PLEASE keep in the mind, although we do the updates for you, it is still YOUR responsibility to work with your Husband to make sure that all the links are working and all your logos are updated correctly as well as the fact that you give the ladies as many options as possible to donate.

Isabella is the one that will do the updating for us, but you will need to come in behind her to make sure it was done correctly. She does not have access all the time, so we need to schedule this in order for her to able to do this for us.

Please leave a comment here to let us know if your donation page is correct, if you want to make changes to it, please let Isabella know by adding the link to your Google doc here.

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13 thoughts on “Your Donation Pages 🥳”

  1. If you can all go through your pages and I can give access to Isabella to update them next week Wednesday, that would be awesome.

  2. Before you begin to personalize your new RMI donate page Adina, Atarah and Isabella we need to first copy the entire donate page again to ensure it is CURRENT since we have had to make several quick changes since there’s been so much “interesting“ challenges, tests and crisis happening recently. First before you begin, since we will be making a copy of the ENG page, and then updating whatever you need, added, changed, or removed.

    1. NO, there won’t be a MORE page on the website, it needs to be ON the RMI website where it’s safe since it includes financial connections.
      My Husband led me to make a copy so you can easily just copy your website page into a document and make the changes
      ⚠️ PLEASE also make sure that you don’t lock us out. Atarah, Hope at last added a new document, but I needed permission so I wasn’t able to share the link to your new page.
      FYI SHARE Restore Ministries International can EDIT. Everything should be safe and allow only our LFM owners but who can also help or come in to ask questions. THANK YOU!! 🤗 🤗 🤗

        1. Oh, GOD USED IT FOR GOOD and also He had me fix the issue so you’re good to go and your new More>> button goes to the new page that’s waiting for you!

    1. No Janine, it was not just you. I tried fixing it, but He showed me how now, so it should be good to go. 🥳

  3. @Isabella. can you help us adding the ESP logo into the ESP paypal form? We understood Adina was working creating them for all LNGs and if ours is ready, we would love to be added. Just to make sure I am explaining myself, the place I am talking about is the page that comes after you click on Give and where we are able to add the amount to give to ESP. Thanks

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